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Ridder launches the Ridder LogicDrive!

Ridder Drive Systems is proud to announce the latest addition to its product family: the Ridder LogicDrive! This extremely compact and powerful 24VDC drive unit with an IP65 protection rating helps to create the best possible climate conditions for animals or crops. Featuring an emergency position, the LogicDrive is also the ideal solution in countries with unreliable power supplies. 

Amazing results
Arne van `t Oor, Global Sales Manager Intensive Livestock and Crop Storage: `Ridder has been a household name in drive systems for decades now  - especially in international horticulture. Our success lies in the fact that we develop our drive units together with our customers. This new drive unit was specifically designed with and for customers in the intensive livestock and crop storage sectors.` He continues: `And with amazing results! Thanks to a powerful stepper motor, we were able to develop a drive unit that is not only reliable and powerful, but also extremely compact. This highly accurate drive unit features a 24VDC supply and a high protection rating of IP65.`

The best possible climate for animals or crops
Introducing sufficient fresh air and removing excess heat and moisture are essential in maintaining the best possible climate conditions for animals or crops. The new Ridder LogicDrive range was specially designed for reliable and precise ventilation purposes in intensive livestock and crop storage buildings. It is the perfect drive unit for controlling air inlet valves, ventilation flaps or curtains.

Ridder LogicDrive range
The latest addition to our product family is called the `Ridder LogicDrive`. The LogicDrive comes in 80Nm (RLD80) and 200Nm (RLD200) versions and can be controlled by any climate computer with a 0-10V control signal. In addition to the Ridder LogicDrive, extra control technology is available in the form of the Ridder LogicControl (RLC). This control unit includes manual controls, a transformer and functions for programming an emergency or fail-safe position for the drive unit in the event of a power failure. In order to use this emergency position, an active emergency power supply is required in the form of the Ridder LogicPower (RLP). This extra control technology allows Ridder to offer a complete product range that is extremely versatile.

Ridder`s 60th anniversary!
The launch of the Ridder LogicDrive gives an extra festive touch to the 60th anniversary of Ridder Drive Systems, which was founded in 1953 and has since then specialised in the development and production of drive systems, particularly for the agricultural sector. By introducing the LogicDrive, Ridder aims to further strengthen its position in the international intensive livestock and crop storage sectors.

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