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Ventilation drive technology

Maintaining the ideal conditions in a poultry, pig or cattle house wouldn't be possible without effective ventilation. Some ways in which this can be achieved is by the controlled opening and closing of air inlets, ventilation flaps, ridge vents, cooling pads and curtains. Both ridge and sidewall ventilation can be used to create the optimum airflow in a livestock house. These ventilation systems can either be operated manually or controlled by a climate computer.

Drive system applications in ventilation solutions

In intensive livestock farming, our drive systems are used for ventilation purposes in poultry, pig and cattle houses. A number of examples are shown in the diagram below:

Drive technology applications in ventilation solutions

Our ventilation drive technology can be used in the following ways:



Fail-safe solution for intensive livestock farming

In addition to these systems, our product range includes the Ridder LogicDrive, a 24V motor with 0-10V control, especially for fail-safe solutions in intensive livestock farming. The Ridder LogicDrive is easy to install, compact and powerful.

Pad cooling and curtains

A livestock house can be ventilated by a sidewall ventilation system or pad cooling system. Many livestock houses use roller systems, such as the Ridder tube motor or Ridder PowerRoller, which roll the curtain onto a winding tube. A conventional Ridder drive unit (RW motor gearbox) can also be used for sidewall ventilation. For this purpose, the drive unit can be installed in a fixed position, either in the middle or at one end of the house wall, and drive one or more cardan shafts. The drive unit can also move vertically along the house wall. This requires a guiding unit or guiding carriage.

Opening/Closing air inlets

Air inlets are opened by winding a belt or cable onto the winch drum. Spring mechanisms ensure that they close again. Larger inlets or panels are opened and closed using gear racks that are driven by pinion house units via tubes. The gear racks are attached to the ventilation panels with vent brackets, allowing the panels to open and close.

Ridge ventilation

Indirect drive systems can be used for ridge ventilation in livestock houses. These systems use one motor gearbox to drive multiple ventilation panels along the roof ridge. This keeps the total investment cost down. This solution is based on the application of RW motor gearboxes in combination with pinion house units, gear racks and worm wheel gearboxes.

Tunnel doors

To open and close heavier objects, such as tunnel doors, we can provide the Ridder AgriLink, RW motor gearboxes or the more powerful version of the RLD, the RLD200

We can help you choose the right drive system

If you're interested in using one of our drive systems in a poultry, pig or cattle house, please feel free to contact us. We can help you choose a drive solution that will suit your customer's needs. You may have more options than you think. You can either get in touch with us directly, or leave a message on our website and we’ll contact you.

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