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Ventilation drive technology

Maintaining the ideal conditions inside a greenhouse wouldn't be possible without effective ventilation. One way this can be achieved is by the controlled opening and closing of air vents. This allows the flow of heat, moisture and CO2 in the greenhouse to be manipulated. Various ventilation systems are possible depending on the type of greenhouse. A greenhouse can be ventilated through ridge vents and sidewall vents, either operated manually or controlled by a climate computer.

Drive technology applications in ventilation solutions for poly greenhouses

The Ridder PolyDrive is fitted with two output shafts as standard, allowing the drive unit to be mounted both in the middle and at the end of the system. Thanks to the use of chain or sleeve couplings, the various system components can be connected to the output shafts. The use of chain couplings also allows the drive unit to compensate for significant design differences in the greenhouse structure or the ventilation/screen system. This is not possible with sleeve couplings. To install the unit in various positions, we can provide a wide range of mounting plates (available as an option).

Every poly greenhouse is different

A huge variety of ventilation solutions are available for poly greenhouses worldwide. To provide the best possible solution for every poly greenhouse, we can also supply the following in addition to the Ridder PolyDrive:

Ridder PolyTelescope

Sidewall ventilation based on the PolyTelescope is selected where the system's flexibility is a key consideration and the installation length, light entry and air flow are less important.

Ridder PolyCarriage

Sidewall ventilation based on the PolyCarriage is generally chosen for high-tensile screens and short installation lengths, in greenhouses that require extra light and air flow.

We can help you choose the right drive system

Deciding which motor gearbox and drive units will best suit your needs depends on various factors, such as the type of greenhouse, the size of the greenhouse and the ambient climate conditions. Our website allows you to make system calculations for your greenhouse project, ensuring that you'll always purchase the right drive systems. If you're unfamiliar with these calculations models, we'd be happy to assist you or help you choose the right system. 

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