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The ultimate goal of every grower is to maximize crop production. To provide crops – such as flowers or fruit – with the best possible growing environment, crop plants must be grown under cover. This brings with it other challenges, such as maintaining the ideal ambient conditions. . 

Our mission in international horticulture is as follows:

“Support Greenhouse Growers to achieve better results

through best fit growing technology together with our partners in the industry"

Growers want technology that they can depend on, every time. They need reliable equipment, and reliable suppliers. And reliability, performance and long-term relationships are essential all the way down the horticultural supply chain. If you're a greenhouse builder, installer or project developer, we know you set high requirements for the systems you supply or install. Growers expect the same high standards from you. In addition to our systems and applications, we provide maximum commitment and excellent service. That’s why leading players in the horticulture sector have come to depend on our drive systems for as long as they can remember.

Drive system applications in Venlo greenhouses

The Venlo greenhouse is the best known glass greenhouse worldwide. Most drive systems used in Venlo greenhouses are also suitable for other glass greenhouses, such as open roof greenhouses. These glass greenhouses are mainly used to produce fruit and vegetables. Below you can see some examples of how our drive systems are used in these types of greenhouses:

Drive system applications in wide-span greenhouses

Wide-span greenhouses are less common than Venlo greenhouses worldwide. Many wide-span greenhouses are used to produce flowers and potted plants. Due to differences in design, these greenhouses often require different types of drive systems. Below you can see some examples of how our drive systems are used in wide-span greenhouses:


Choosing the right drive system

Choosing the right drive system depends on the situation where the system will be installed. It means selecting the right combination of motor gearboxes, rack drives and related components. Our website not only provides useful information on how our drive systems and other products can be used, but also allows you to make system calculations for your greenhouse project. To get the most out of our website, some knowledge of the market is required.

Based on your needs

Every greenhouse is different. If you're not sure which drive system is most suitable for a project, greenhouse or other structure, please feel free to contact us. We can help you choose a drive solution that will suit your customer's needs. You may have more options than you think. You can either get in touch with us directly, or leave a message on our website and we’ll contact you.


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