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The standard for over 60 years

Ridder is named after the Dutch town of Ridderkerk, where Mr F.A. Nugteren founded the business in 1953. The company relocated to Harderwijk in 1963. Today, over six decades later, Ridder is still a family business run by the sons of its founder. By now, the third generation of the Nugteren family have taken their place in the company.

Some key figures

Ridder is one of the three largest drive system suppliers in the world.

• Ridder Drive Systems currently employs 125 people.
• More than half a million of Ridder motors run on a daily basis.
• We manufacture around 40,000 motors every year.
• We have our own production facility with a surface area of over 12,500 m2.
• Seventy to eighty percent of our drive systems are shipped abroad.
• Ridder exports directly to over 50 countries, plus many other countries through indirect channels.

Drive to Innovate

Our ‘Drive to Innovate’ is demonstrated by the fact that we invest 10% of our annual turnover in new developments. Over the past 60 years, we’ve developed a number of innovative products, such as:

• An easy-to-adjust rotating limit switch system that can be positioned extremely   
• Chain couplings to compensate for alignment errors
• Rack systems with U profiles and sintered pinions (TU11)



New drive systems

We launch new products and upgrade our production facility on a regular basis. But first, of course, we listen carefully to what our customers are telling us. All the products we develop are quick and easy to install, and require very little maintenance. Our recent innovations include:

• Ridder Positioning Unit for accurate position feedback
• Ridder LogicDrive, specially designed for precision ventilation applications in poultry
• Ridder AgriLink, which integrates the drive and control systems

HortiMaX part of Ridder

The Ridder Group acquired HortiMaX in 2011. This was the next logical step in maximizing our value to the horticultural sector by offering a more comprehensive range of products and services. These solutions include:

• Process and climate computers
• Plant monitoring systems
Various sensors
• Water disinfection systems
 Irrigation and fertigation equipment
 Labour and productivity reporting systems


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