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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is fundamental to how we operate as a company. We help meet the global demand for sustainability by creating long-term, sustainable value. We not only focus on providing more affordable, efficient and customer-friendly products and services, but we are also constantly mindful of our responsibilities to our People, the Planet we live on and the Prosperity of its inhabitants. 


We consider ourselves fortunate to have so many committed employees who are proud of their company. We continually strive to improve our working conditions for staff:

  • We have a very active works council which considers the needs of staff carefully 
    and  puts forward improvement proposals.
  • Every year, we offer interesting assignments to students who, in consultation with staff, develop proposals for improving the production or assembly process.
  • Our HR cycle places a strong emphasis on employee development.
  • Once every three years, the Holding management commissions an external agency to conduct a customer satisfaction survey.
  • Together with the works council and work groups, the company implements the  
    conclusions and recommendations set out in the survey report.
  • Twice a year, we organize events for the staff, where FUN is the priority.
  • We sponsor charities which promote performance sports. Many of these charities  are linked to our own employees or customers, or are organizations working to  improve health care (for example, by raising funds for cancer research).


  • We are committed to a long-term policy of reducing our carbon footprint. This includes working with green electricity suppliers, investing in energy efficient equipment, replacing polluting lighting systems and holding a competition for the 'most fuel efficient rider'.
  • We use tools such as video conferencing or Skype whenever possible to avoid unnecessary travel.
  • We've also adopted a sustainable waste management policy. This involves reducing, separating and disposing of waste in a socially responsible manner. 


How do we contribute to society? We get many requests for sponsorship and other requests for support. We're very critical of participating in initiatives and have established a policy outlining when to offer support and when not to:

  • We contribute to good causes if our employees are directly involved. In recent years, our employees have taken part in the 'Ride for the Roses' as well as the 'Ride4kids', the proceeds of which go to children's cancer research.
  • We also contribute to good causes if our customers are directly involved. One such cause is a cycling event where customer employees help raise money for cancer research.

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