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RPD motorgearboxes

The Ridder PolyDrive (RPD)

The worldwide surface area of poly greenhouses is growing rapidly. The poly greenhouse owes its popularity to the favourable construction price per square foot and the increasingly higher crop yields that can be achieved. Poly greenhouses differ distinctly from glass greenhouses and therefore place different demands on drive systems. That's why Ridder has now launched a new poly range, designed specifically for poly greenhouses. This product range is based on the new Ridder PolyDrive (RPD). Our new poly range is suitable for a wide range of applications.

Maintenance free, unique and compact

Unique expansion chamber

High quality
and reliable

limit switch

Ridder PolyDrive applications

Maintenance free, unique and compact

With the launch of the Ridder PolyDrive, Ridder has introduced a unique model that sets itself apart from other RW drive units. This compact drive unit is made up of two high-pressure diecast aluminium parts. These high-precision and dimensionally stable parts together form a fully enclosed housing with a high protection rating. The worm wheel is positioned in the first of the two reduction stages, providing the drive unit with excellent self-braking performance. As the dual-stage drive unit consists of so few parts, it is maintenance-free and operates almost silently.


The Ridder PolyDrive is ideal for ventilation and screening purposes and is available in 150 Nm, 300 Nm and 450 Nm models. All models are available in 3 revolutions per minute. The 150 Nm and 300 Nm models are also available in 5 revolutions per minute. Thanks to the aluminium housing, all models are lightweight (approx. 15 kg) and easy to manage.

Unique expansion chamber

Thanks to the completely sealed housing and innovative oil expansion chamber, the lubricating oil remains in optimum condition throughout the unit's lifespan. This expansion chamber also means that the Ridder PolyDrive is oil-tight and has no air bleed plug. The drive unit is both weatherproof and windproof, and can be used in any position.

High quality and reliable

As you would expect from Ridder, the extremely affordable Ridder PolyDrive meets the highest quality standards. No concessions have been made to safety: the PolyDrive is equipped with both limit switches and safety switches as standard. An oil expansion chamber controls the pressure inside the drive unit, further enhancing the unit´s reliability. As a result, the drive unit can be used in any position. The Ridder PolyDrive has been tested under severe conditions with a high duty cycle.


Easy-to-program limit switch

The Ridder PolyDrive features a reliable and user-friendly and limit switch. This makes it possible to easily set the RPD. This means the RPD is suitable for application in any poly greenhouse around the world.

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